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Rule 5@5™ is the Ultimate Self Accountability Assessment for Closing More Sales!

Whether you have an automated system to assist you or your old school and you just write this down on a piece-of-paper or on a whiteboard, the concept is golden for personal self-accountability and significantly increased, focused mental effort in closing more sales.

Here is the concept, every Friday by 5PM you identify the top/best 5 contacts, prospects, avatars/leads/clients that you are working towards your next sale/recruitment/enlistment and you identify exactly what must be done next to move them forward through your sales pipeline/funnel to closure - hence 5@5.

You could even have categories of 5@5 ...

  1. Top potential sales for my organization over-all
  2. Top potential sales by product or brand category
  3. Top potential sales by SKU/item/deliverable
  4. Top potential sales by any other way you do business
  • a. Industry
  • b. Geography
  • c. Sales representative
  • d. Etc.

Without a tool as simple as this you can get buried with data and far too many distracting analytics. If you have a sales boss or your are a sales leader, this is a powerful way to end each week by zeroing in your efforts on a quantifiable target list of 5@5 and engaging up or down for insights for next best course of engagement actions.

This 5@5 approach also allows you to reflect on your entire selling efforts for what is working and what is not working. For example, if you are deploying Rule 1-52-X ever Monday, this becomes a way to hold yourself accountable at the end of the week, Friday.

You can personalize this even further by placing a personal calendar reminder into your data base, CRM or cell phone calendar system as a perpetual reoccurring Friday alarm reminder, as an example log it in at "3:17PM - Review 5@5" as the likelihood of you ever needing to log a reminder, event, meeting, call, etc. at that awkward time is low to never, so it is always there a few hours before the end of the day on Friday as a business development reminder ... Rule 5@5 is just simple and powerful at yielding ROI!

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