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We are proud to have impacted so many people and so many organizations. Here are just some of the people who have taken the time to share their experience working with Jeff.

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To any leader who is looking for tools and insights on helping your company grow, I'll share this endorsement. I had the privilege and the pleasure to participate in a CEO Club educational curriculum that Dr. Jeff lead. His insights were spot on and the "take aways" were very beneficial. I'd highly recommend you engage with Dr. Jeff and his teachings.

Rick Dalrymple
CPIA, CMIP - Risk Management Expert

I've been in the professional speaking industry for 20 years. Fortunately, I crossed paths early on with Jeff Magee. Jeff is a prolific author, presenter and expert on leadership. He is the go-to expert for Fortune 500 companies seeking to stay ahead of the competition while building a strong culture of leadership. Those seeking cutting edge information and strategies owe it to themselves and their organization to seek out Jeff's expertise!

Lois Creamer
Author of "Book More Business: MAKE MONEY SPEAKING!

. The skills I learned then and since have helped tremendously. I would say that help was on two fronts. First managing and working with co-workers (lateral and vertical in both directions.) Second, with time management with personal goals, objectives and simply juggling the priorities and distractions we fact at home and in the office. I strongly believe the reason Jeff had such a huge impact on my skill sets is that his lessons are "compact".

Christopher Pike
Finance Director

The topics we have had him speak on are Performance Execution, and Leadership and Change Management. He is a dynamic and informative speaker. Our participants have rated him at the top of our speakers and faculty. The participants are the leading innovators and most successful farm and ranch businesses in North America. Many are also involved in businesses outside of agriculture.

Danny Klinefelter
Honor Professor and Regents Fellow, Texas A&M University

Out of all of the speakers I have heard since joining NSA and NSA Georgia in June of 2002, I have never experienced a program where the speaker shared as much energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise, honesty and generosity as you did at our meeting this past Saturday. The buzz is that this is the best program NSA Georgia has ever had.

Ava S, Wilensky, PhD
Principal CORE InSites, Inc.

Our POD has not stopped talking about our new approach to team dynamics since our Wednesday meeting with you. My POD drove 4 hours home together after the meeting and was able to get a lot of concerns and ideas out onto the table for discussion. It was the best thing that could have happened to us. We all feel much more positive toward each other and it is helping our selling efforts out in the field.

Marc Antecki
Forest Therapeutics,Buffalo, NY

I wanted to thank you so very much for the inspirational words that you spoke at a recent Leadership Academy that I attended in Tulsa, OK for the US Junior Chamber. I am the 2009 President of the Westminster Jaycees in Maryland and I would love to have you come and talk to my Chapter.

Jamie Haines
2009 President of the Westminster Jaycees

I went to the NSA Winter Meeting and was blown away by the "Intensive Track" speaker... Jeff Magee! His topic of increasing sales and perfecting your speaking business would be the perfect presentation for our chapter. My second favorite speaker was a distant second-place (Truth be told, I don't even know if I had a second favorite... Jeff ruined me by setting the bar so high!)

Sam Palazzolo
President & Chief Influence Officer, Pathos Leadership Group - Home of the Influential Edge!™

First, let me THANK YOU for providing an outstanding, professional presentation yesterday at Boomer! Rave reviews followed your presentation The immediate comments I received were that people were surprise at the degree of self-assessment and reflection you drew out of them. you enabled them to actually "revolutionize" how to change their own perspective of staff around them through your formula

Christine M. Hall
WESTERN CPE, Director of In-House Programs

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You can read the words of dozens of people who have worked with me here.
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I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Jeff Magee. I've known Dr. Magee for about four years on a professional and personal level and believe that he is one of the most dynamic and well versed professional leaders in the industry of human capital investment.

Dr. Magee's presentations that he has conducted over the last four years has always exhibited exceptional competence and incredible professionalism that would benefit any organization. He conducts his leadership training and recruiting methods on the C-suite level and down to the lowest soldier with integrity, superior performance, all driven by his personal motivation for success. Dr. Magee has the unique ability to transfer this energy to the commands and to the successes of organizations with whom he works with.

As the Deputy Adjutant General for the Vermont National Guard, Dr. Magee has improved the dignity and respect for the soldiers and airmen with whom he works with. He became part of training resource for our recruiting force program in making key stride to the strategic view. He took his program and ultimately integrated it into the recruiting mission to meet our strength mission. He leads the way in his quality of work and the ability to relate and communicate with senior levels officials. His competence, drive, and outstanding performance of duty continue to set the example of others to follow.

It is my opinion that Dr. Jeff Magee will enhance your organization with balance, integrity and teamwork. There are no limits, his leadership and human capital development will greatly contribute to the success of your organization.

BG Michael T. Heston
Deputy Adjutant General Vermont National Guard

During my Master's Program staffing and selection was interesting, but after listening to you and briefly learning your models-staffing is amazing. Until today I thought I would work in EO, employment law, labor-management relations, compensation or training and development- anything but recruiting/staffing, but today you brought back the passion I have for recruiting (HR related).

Tanya M. Burton
Warrant Officer Strength Manager

We have received a lot of positive feedback related to your 2-Day Leadership program. You affirmed what we have been saying for years but presented the material from a new and different perspective that was well received and has established a foundation that we can build on. Your enthusiasm and insight to sales doctrine was refreshing and enlightening. We now consider you as part of our recruiting team and look forward in achieving our long and short range goals together.

Gregory A. Poff
Sergeant Major, 22nd Recruiting and Retention Battalion, Montgomery, AL Army National Guard

I want to thank you for coming with a wealth of knowledge and a great attitude geared towards helping our recruiters. The most important factor that made an impact on the group was the fact that you have become more vested in our organization, by learning what the recruiters job entails, the process and the roadblocks involved. The recruiters respected that.

Robert Shannon

Your professional sales force is not complete without the expert training and presentations of Dr. Magee. Jeff delivered WAY over his requirement in our conference this week. He has the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge to Guard-Speak to the RRF. His examples all got head-nods from my force like he spent time in the trenches. I highly recommend his sales training for both leadership and sales rrncos.

LTC Eric Goslowsky
Commander, TNARNG RRB

I consider myself an old guy of sorts, which means I've been around and have many experiences. Dr. Jeff Magee is an outstanding trainer to have on yourteam. I just cannot imagine anyone presenting the information any better and breaking it down to simple, usable, and linkable elements as he does. How refreshing to have a trainer that does not use PowerPoint slides and interacts with his audience in an informative and entertaining manner.

Stephen D. Hensley

I have had the pleasure of sitting with you in various settings over the last year. We have done training with large group, small group, and now one-on-one. I feel the most beneficial to what we do is the small group and the one-on-one concept. The leadership and insight that you give to the individual recruiter is priceless. Your nonstop energy, passion and enthusiasm brings a whole new level of intensity to what we do in recruiting.

James B. Ditchey
Recruiting and Retention Bn PA Army National Guard

You have truly been an incredible asset to our command in many ways, but most notably because you bring credibility while reinforcing our combat multipliers on our primary point of attack, recruiting as well as success in all three tenets of strength maintenance. We are very pleased with your untiring commitment to excellence, you have earned the respect of all who serve in the PAARNG RRBN.

Paul Mishoe
Command Sergeant Major, Recruiting & Retention Battalion, Montgomery, Pennsylvania Army National Guard

Thank you for your insight on the conference call yesterday. Some of the things that have been most helpful to me have been the + do,see,call,write that you taught us for organizing our to do lists each day. The role playing was very good in being able to visualize the concepts tha you teach. And your coaching allowed me to succeed in the idea of my COI newsletter that I was having challenges in making it a reality.

Clair Hoesing
SSG, Kansas Army National Guard

I wanted to pass another "Thank you" for the outstanding training you gave to the team this weekend. I had a call this morning from an excited, very pumped NCOIC. He already has his RRNCOs starting to work the plan. This type of attitude has been missing for too long. Tim and I will enforce action and take steps to ensure success. I know we will be an awesome team with you. I look forward to working with you.....PMA all the way....everyday!!

MSG, LAARNG Recruiting & Retention SGM

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You can read the words of dozens of people who have worked with me here.
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