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Presentation Step: What’s It All About?

By asking powerful, thoughtful questions the sales professional will be able to have a meaningful dialogue and more concise consultative “Presentation” interaction with their prospect/customer.

It is the responsibility of the sales professional to only present a correct solution for the needs uncovered in the “Interest” stage of the selling process. Always present to the dominant need uncovered through your consultative questions that the prospect or existing customer reveals they have. Don’t over present solutions to the myriad of mini pain points or needs they may reveal, if you overwhelm the other person with solutions they will actually mentally shut down and say “no” to everything you present. Don’t “dump truck” everything you can do for someone at one time, sequence out your solutions to their needs.

Remember, your responsibility is to ensure that you understand the importance of the “Presentation” sequence of ingredients, so they all come together for a complete response to a prospect or customer’s needs:

Product/Service=Claim+Feature (Fact)+Benefit+Naildown

Select from your mental inventory the appropriate product/service that will meet the discovered needs of the prospect/customer, uncovered in the “Interest” stage. Once that specific solution is presented, immediately guide that conversational “Presentation” to flow fluidly containing all of the formula ingredients above:

First the appropriate selected Product/Service is identified as a possible solution to the uncovered needs,

Second, then conversationally flow into the Claim of why you are suggesting it,

Third, then conversationally flow into the naming of that Feature or Fact tangible,

Fourth, then conversationally flow with a transition statement such as, “…what this means to you…” with the Benefit statement,

Fifth and finally conversationally flow into a Naildown, which is a confirming question that solicits from the other person an acceptance response …

Concentrate on how you communicate the solution, you want to communicate in such a way that it compels the listener to want your offer/solution immediately.

Also, sales professionals have a tendency to over sell their solutions. Over promise (and unfortunately far too often this is connected to under delivering), which leads to prospect/customer skepticism. While there may be an infinite list of options, bells, whistles and colors available, the prospect/customer only wants to hear about the combination that meets their needs. The sales professional must have the self-confidence that their solution will work and the control to limit their remarks.

The “Presentation” should be physically or verbally presented in such a manner that it yells to the prospect/customer, “I have been listening to your needs and here is my customized response to you that speaks only to what you say you need!”

Realize that you only want to present the associated Features to a Product/Service that are most appropriate for that customer. Most all Products/Service have many Features and Benefits that can be shared. If you share all of them at once, then there is no additional dialogue points (ammunition) to present, should that prospect/customer inquire for more information.

A concise “Presentation” response to a prospect/customer could sound like;

“Based upon what we have discussed, there are some ways in which we can meet your needs, let me explain.”

“The Widget-Master 2000 is the best option for your consideration, as it features the most recently approved and certified technology innovations, and that means you will have the most advanced and efficient widget in the market today. And, you do want the most advanced efficient technology in your environment, don’t you?”

The power of the “Presentation” statement is that it starts with a Claim (i.e. Best option for your consideration), then ties into a Product solution (i.e. Widget-Master 2000), continues with a Feature (most recent technology innovations) statement, then transitions into a Benefit statement (advanced and efficient), with a confirming Naildown question (you do want the most advanced efficient technology in your environment, don’t you?).

As a sales professional understanding the importance of the complete “Presentation” process, all of the ingredients to be communicated and how to solicit conversation feedback to measure if in fact what was presented is valued by the prospect/consumer.

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