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Over-Coming the Sales Blahs & Negative Stereotypes:

Maintaining a positive appearance and positive mind set as a sales professional is critical to sustained success. Allowing negative situations and people may be a daily occurrence in the life of a sales professional how one handles them can mean the difference between polished professionalism and self-destruction.

To accelerate personal success, a firm grasp and understanding to embrace two keys that will differentiate them from the stereotypical negative salesperson.

First, manage your environment for maximum productivity and positive results each day! Second, treat the sales profession as a profession and continually commit to professional development activities!

Just as an accountant maintains their mark of professionalism as a CPA by attending classes, reading literature on their craft and participating in self-development endeavors to distinguish them from others as a professional. And, just as a doctor or nurse does the same to maintain their license to practice, so too should a professional sales person. Each of these professionals maintain a minimum CPEs as accredited legitimacy.

As a sales professional, you should be able to identify the activities they participate in on a regular basis to distinguish them from just another salesperson – classes, workshop, seminars, Mini-Seminars, books, audio tape and CDs that they listen to for skill development. As a sales trainer/sales manager your job is to create environments conducive for such excellence to take place.

Build their daily work schedules to include activities at the beginning and end of the day that ensure success and positive mind sets (psychology). Recognize who you associate with at work and home have a dramatic influence on who you are, the message we project to others and thus how we are perceived over all.

Recognize your blahs and negative slumps are the LIMITING BEIEFS that work against you and your trajectory success (read YOUR TRAJECTORY CODE book for more accelerated mental tools for greatness – YOUR TRAJECTORY CODE: How to Change Your Decisions, Actions, and Direction to Become Part of the Top 1% High Achievers. Watch On The RED CARPET YouTube Video link: https://youtu.be/9xVGtzkxzXU

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Birds of a feather, flock together. Examine what your flock looks like, where the are headed and determine if in fact that is a flock to be associated with. If not, make a course direction today to ensure that you land at the destination you desire!

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