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Business Integration Grid® - 100% of 100% Account Development & More Business Opportunities!

Great sales professionals have realized that the 80/20 Rule does apply for selling – a larger percentage (80’ish percent) of ones’ business matriculates from a smaller portion of the contact base they maintain (20’ish percent). To accelerate your selling opportunities and closing ratios, most selling professionals also over-look the fastest route to more sells from this 20% factor. Recognize the market or areas from which they tend to do the majority of your work and receive the majority of your business from is known as ones’ “Target Rich Environment (TRE®)”.

In this application of your TRE we will focus upon only those customers that have bought from you or if you are the business of recruiting people to join your organization, those that you have recruited. To find immediate qualified leads and immediate prospects that you can immediately engage for faster selling endeavors, start each day by fixating 100-percent of your time first by engaging 100-percent of your customers on 100-percent of what you have as deliverables to sale. Only until you know you have engaged each of them on what you have to offer and mined them for leads or more business, should you ever entertain finding new unknown leads, suspects and prospects to talk to!

Typically, in selling, we find a lead and work it into a suspect, and then we engage deeper to determine if that suspect is a qualified prospect, and if so we engage even deeper to identify their needs and whether we have a solution. And if so, we present that solution and make the case for the sale. And when completed, we start the process over by making then next ‘cold’ or ‘unknown call’ into the market place. While there is a need for this, it is not the best ROI of time, market connectivity, leveraged relationships, etc. of our time.

Here is what is!

  • Imagine an excel spreadsheet. Across the top are all of the deliverable’s that you have to offer the marketplace. Whether that is by individual SKU or branded deliverable’s into grouping or if recruiting someone to your organization, all of the Jobs/MOS/AFSC/Positions/Degrees/Etc..
  • Now, imagine an excel spreadsheet. Down the vertical side all of your contacts that you have established your brand with and have established a trust factor with. Sequentially, start with and include:
  1. All of your or the organizations active clients
  2. Followed by all of your or the organizations in-active clients; those that have left
  3. Followed by all of your or the organizations Prospects that were about to matriculate to a customer but stopped out for a known or in your case possibly an unknown reason
  4. Followed by all of the people that you know, that know what you do, as potential customers, lead generators or Centers-Of-Influence lead generators and market insight providers.

I refer to this modeling as the Business Integration Grid® and this 100% of 100% focus is quadrant one commitment to the grid (A variation of this model originally created by H. Igor Ansoff and first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1957, yet the market today has forgotten its application). To accelerate your selling closing ratios and exceed any selling goal standard, a selling professional should fixate 100-perecent of their daily energy first into Quadrant #1 endeavors, then as time allows into quadrant #2, and if any time is remaining on any given day then into quadrant #3. As a selling professional quadrant #4 is best left for off-the selling clock time endeavors! As you administrate your day, manage all of the high impact action items you own, while handling all of the daily unknowns, the strategic focus of quadrant #1 will always yield a greater ROI and it is the single area most selling professionals over-look daily. Consider incorporating into your daily action mix contact endeavors to quadrant #1 contacts, such as (and not limited to):

  • Regular phone calls follow-up and requests/asks
  • Regular face-to-face engagements follow-up and requests/asks
  • Regular email follow-up and requests/asks
  • Regular social media outreach follow-up and requests/asks
  • Regular direct mail follow-up and requests/asks
  • Regular texting follow-up and requests/asks
  • Regular personal engagements and follow-up and requests/asks

Are you getting a clue as to the frequency – regular basis!

If you fixate on taking 100-percent care of these contacts first each day, then address all of those that do not know you as viable market options second, you may experience a massive increase in ROI.

So, now you know, fixate on your 80/20 and drill into that 20-percent factor as your hidden TRE® and identify all of the contacts via the vertical column on your BIG® Model for success!

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