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Selling, Advocating & Recruiting from Your Resume for Accelerated ROI!

Looking to harvest warm and hot lead opportunities? It’s the “Acres of Diamonds” that the late great Napoleon Hill wrote about. Leverage your “Resume” as a trajectory accelerator of where to find Centers-of-Influence and qualified Prospective Leads/New Customers daily. Most business leaders in need of business development ROI, nor selling professionals ever leverage the most powerful asset they have in building their selling portfolio, selling funnel and market share – themselves – their RESUME!

If you don’t have a current business narrative or resume, it is time to update or build one. “Resume” your professional adult meaningful life into a memorialized document such as your “Resume” or detailed “LinkedIn’ profile. Explore the 360-degrees of connectivity off of every entry and benchmark areas of immediate ROI in your Marketing endeavors, Selling activities, and Administrative undertakings.

What do I mean? Simple.

Take your “Resume” … If you do not have one, make one. If you do have one, then consider updating your Resume and in this exercise, make it an extensive micro exercise … It should be multiple pages in length when you are done with this exercise. Whether you are selling at the board room level or entry level, whether you are B2B, B2C, C2C, P2P or or recruiting a young adult to your organization, it plays the same. Your greatest potential for the greatest meaningful connections, fast track relationships, immediate rapport connections and valuable leads, will come from your “Resume” and not from your interpersonal skills (and yes, they are critical as well) and mere hard work (those are given).

Let’s wrap some strategic smart energy around the labor side of what you do virtually and traditionally to connect in the market place. When you review your “Resume” it will open your eyes to possible demographics (people), organizations (affinity groups and past employers), education and certifications (institutions, programs, courses, on-line platforms, etc. and the people you interacted therein and can add to your developmental network), and new entry points to a marketplace (your associations, volunteer groups, etc.) that you most likely did not recognize before reading this article!

Let your immediate past actions be your benchmark to future reality, what have you really been doing and avoiding?

Look at the architecture of a traditional “Resume”, it will have sections:

  • Location of where you live, and extrapolate further into every place you have lived from birth to toady …
  • Education is always a section. Consider not just the highest formal education you have obtained, where and when. Also consider any Non-Traditional Education you have obtained (on-line learning, certifications earned, self-development or self-study), where, when, and in what disciplines …
  • Employer or work history. So, take your “Resume” and take each employer entry (as an organizational reference place and the specific jobs you did as task connectors to others) and start examining those past connections to new people and places to make new connections with. Examine your past life and current life outside of your work, start looking at the analytics of whether you are leveraging those connections for your needs today?
  • Associations, Volunteer or Extra Curricular activities may sometimes be listed. Reflect on each as well from the perspective of what, where, when, who …

By using your “Resume” you can make immediate re-connection back to people you have first person connections with (that ideally means you have already established some degree of rapport, trust and credibility with one another!) and you can relate to them more comfortably. This allows them to relate to you on a more meaningful level – now you can make a better ‘ask’ for what you need as a professional selling person!

Whether I wanted to engage another individual in human capital talent management development endeavors or talk to a young adult about joining the military, the “Resume” is the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) trajectory pathway, or blue-print to what I should be doing.


  • If I reviewed my ‘Resume’ and noticed other business leaders from outside my primary professional life, then I may start to recognize new lead generators as Centers-of-Influence that I would otherwise have over looked.
  • Or, if I were a Military Recruiter or College Admissions Recruiter looking for places to connect for new or more Centers-of-Influence or new prospects to talk to about how the military could compliment or improve their station in life, then imagine what valuable previously untouched contacts that the ‘Resume’ may shed light upon? If I used to work landscape jobs, I can now walk up to a person working on a maintenance, landscape crew and engage in a first-person story, no one is above the other and both of you are peer connecting. If I worked in a nursing home doing cleaning, I can have a one-on-one legitimate conversation with anyone in housekeeping or domestic engineering. If I was raised on a farm, I could make a more genuine connection with another agrarian professional. If I went to college on an athletic scholarship I would have a first-person reference with another possible athlete.
  • If I …

The “I” will direct you to what is on your “Resume” and those entries off of your micro “Resume” will now give you a trajectory to everyone and everywhere you should be starting today. It guides references you can now place in your marketing or introduction letters, emails, social media campaigns, into your presentations and conversations to make you have a relational connection to others.

If I am not in a direct selling or recruiting capacity, I too have an obligation to generate LEADS for my organization, in an attempt to keep it thriving. I can use these same guide- posts to find great new leads that others may not have access to or know about, and from those leads I can personally direct them to the selling or recruiting colleagues for even greater ROI.

Now use your “Resume” to guide where you should be and eliminate selling resistance today and generate greater RPI today!

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