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Work Product & Frequency Accelerates Selling, Lesson's Learned from Model 5-1-2-1-1-X™ Formula!

It is human behavior, psychology and pathology to resist anything one feels is going to be restrictive or punishing in nature. For the past thirty-years I have done this exercise within the pharmaceutical industry, transportation (automotive, motorcycle, car services), hospitality space (restaurants, hotels, resorts, airlines), construction and manufacturing, as well as the professional services industry (accounting, legal, consultants, contract trainers in the talent space), to insurance and real estate. In 2000, one of America's largest selling organizations asked me to help them in determining exactly how you could create an environment by which super star sales professionals could be created, replicated and sustained.

How could this be? Simple and validated 100 percent of the time.

The talent development comes second, the analysis of the professional also comes second, and the paths of execution is limitless. What is not negotiable is that every job, role, position carries with it two essential variables, and when on can run the analytics of what these two answers are, as arrived by studying the performers in a role you want duplicated, study these that consistently exceed sales goals or mission and then two variables will become very evident.

What I have learned about organizational dynamics from my lens with business owners and leaders, is also true in my work with super star sales professionals globally across a myriad of industries:

  1. Work Product - First, you must be unbiased, objective, candid and gather massive analytics from only those that consistently exceed selling goals and mission to be able to identify what work products generate meaningful results associated with the selling life-cycle.
  2. Frequency - Second, as you can identify each of the individual Work Products that must be done as a selling professional to address all aspects of the selling life-cycle and what intervals it must be done. It is like identifying the rhythm and cadence that calibrates one to success and execute it, no matter how unexciting it may be.

So, create a list of the activities or Work products that must be done. Let's consider yes or no to these Work Products activities, would they help or hinder selling and closing rates:

  1. Meeting New People that do not know you nor your offer exists in an effort to generate new interest, followers, suspects, prospects and new clients/customers/enlistments/members/orders …?
  2. Engage COI or VIP to you, your organization, deliverables in an effort to generate good-will, gain insights, invite lead referrals, etc. …?
  3. Make Presentations (or informational engagements) to existing clients (or suspect and prospect TREs) for new and more business and make presentations to new people for new sales …?
  4. Connect with Existing Clients or Co-Workers for follow-up to your sales, to ensure product deliverable, gain personal leads from those you are serving, access and network their circles-of-influence …?
  5. Make Site Visits to ensure what you are selling is being delivered, to see about on-site new opportunities

Once you have for your business performed the research and attained the analytics that reveal what the exact Work Product must be versus what others would like it to be, then it is time to determine the Frequency flow for each Work product must be. Once these two are married together, you can calibrate your every effort off of what best practice, right looks like!

Example: I have done this with a manufacturing firm by sitting down with the Founder and CEO that built a multi-million-dollar business. He was very clear at what must be done, when it should take place, and how often. When executed ROI was amazing and conversely when ROI by a sales professional was not obtained, the reverse analysis was staggering clear … Don't do the Work Product with the associated Frequency and amazingly failure is what one will generate - every time!

The presentation of this formula for the National Guard has become bastardized over the years, as those training are further removed from actually ever having been a sustained rock star of success and further away from why this formula was actually originally created.

With the individual State National Guard Recruiters and their sales management teams, if a Recruiter calibrates their behaviors off of this formula, then the math clearly shows sales success can be obtained within nine-months of every twelve-month period.


And, then as markets evolve, so too does your model of Work Product and Frequency. More than a decade ago I evolved this original 2000 Model with another Work product variable - Now it is 5-1-2-1-2-X with the X representing Internet/Social Media and daily connectivity to your market, contacts, clients.

And again, amazingly … If one is introduced to this strategic concept as a penalty formula as a response to not making their sales goals, it will be perceived as - It is human behavior, psychology and pathology to resist anything one feels is going to be restrictive or punishing in nature.

Thirty-years of research within www.ProfessionalPerformanceMagazine.com of super stars across the globe, industry, generation makes massively clear that to achieve mediocrity very little has to be done today. To obtain greatness, study only those that are great (health, fitness, financial, business, medicine, art. music, entertainment, athletics, etc.) and you will clearly see the analytics of what their Work Product endeavors are and the degree of Frequency is that they commit to and execute.

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