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Sales Management - Performance Execution of Managing, Leading & Building a Successful Sales Team by Developing Your Leadership Pipeline for Achieving Sales Team Excellence!

There is just nothing like this available in the marketplace today, benchmarked off of our decades of work with the best-of-the-best Fortune 100 sales forces and sales managers, to the most innovative entrepreneurial cutting-edge business across the globe!

The analytics of selling success reveals that there SIX ANALYTICS that everything that your sales professionals do, revolve around these factors. We will detail each and what it means to you as the sales leader in your business development process. From a managerial-leadership perspective, research of every successful organizations reveal, that there are FIVE ANALYTICS that the leadership team must fixate on daily and ensure everything that you do is benchmarked off of for ROI.

Our premier sales managerial-leadership program tailored to anyone in the managerial-leadership roles of the selling team/organization. Participants in this session use as field application resources two of our dedicated college management text books, the MANAGERIAL-LEADERSHIP BIBLE: Second Edition focused upon leading sales professionals and the second, THE SALES TRAINING HANDBOOK: 52-Weekly Engagement Plans; This is ideally a two-day session with day-one focused on fundamentals and elementary aspects to strategic selling organizations and day-two on fundamentals and elementary aspects tactical in nature to managing, guiding, growing, motivating, coaching and tracking selling professionals.

The coaching and tracking analytics tools presented in this session have an immediate ROI on human capital development, the talent management lifecycle and strong professional selling individuals. Whether a veteran or new to sales management, this program benchmarks off of two decades of work with the best sells organizations in the world and details the fundamental factors to be traced daily and weekly for proven ROI of a selling team.

This is highly client specific with more than three-decades of best practice action plans. This program is always in a state of real-time application based off of 20+ years of psychological in the field analysis of super achieving selling organizations, managerial-leaders and front-line selling professionals, that provides the behavioral analytics of what to actually track for understanding to market management to lead flow to contracts fulfilled, and more KPIs (such as how deploying Rule 1-52-X™ every Monday calibrates daily effectiveness for that week and how reviewing the 5@5 Rule™ on Friday ensures focus to client development and increased sales!), to a fully functioning peak performing selling team.

Unlike most all other professional development selling programs, this deliverable also provides post-session weekly professional development touch-points, virtual on-line learning platform of skill development self-study, CD/DVD and books.

A detailed stand-alone information program overview of each days learning modules is available upon request.